"the next time it happens" (richard rodgers / oscar hammerstein II)

(fotografia de Manuel Alvarez Bravo, "la buena fama durmiendo" (1938)

"The next time it happens
I'll know what not to do

The next time it happens
I'll be wise enough to know
Not to trust my eyesight
When my eyes begin to glow

The next time I'm in love
With anyone like you
My heart will sing no love song
Till I know the words are true

The next time it happens
What a foolish thing to say
Who expects a miracle
To happen every day

It isn't in the cards
As far as I can see
That a thing so
Beautiful and wonderful
Could happen more than once to me" (1)

carmen mcrae

(1) retirado do single de carmen mcrae, "come on, come in / the next time it happens" (1955)

2 comentários:

Luma Rosa disse...

Can't program the love; He always will happen different.

jorge vicente disse...

So true, my dear friend!!!!

Jorge Vicente