o advento das comunidades digitais

(pintura de patrick heron, "still life with red jug", 1947)

"In the second instance, it is contended that individuals are exploiting the flexibility and fluidity of cyberspace to forge new communities - new social networks that are centered upon what they think, say, believe and are interested in. As such, some suggest that one of the principal effects of cyberspace is the formation of communities that are free of the constraints of place and are based upon new modes of interaction and new forms of social relationships. Instead of being founded on geographic propinquity, these communities are grounded in communicative practice. Here, individual participants can circumvent the geographical constraints of the material world and take a more proactive role in shaping their own community and their position whitin it, although (just like geographic communities) such online communities have behavioral norms, differing personalities, shared significance, and allegiances" (1)

martin dodge e rob kitchin

(1) DODGE, Martin e KITCHIN, Rob - Atlas of cyberspace [Em Linha]. Pearson Education Ltd, 2001. [Consult. 08 Mar. 2010 02.05]. Disponível em http://personalpages.manchester.ac.uk/staff/m.dodge/atlas/Atlas_with_cover_low.pdf. ISBN 0-201-74575-5. p. 154.

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