a manipulação da identidade no ciberespaço

(imagem de boneco de shelley jackson e pamela jackson, "jenny", 2001)

"In the first instance, analysts suggest that cyberspace allows individuals to explore their identity by changing the conditions under which identity is constructed and expressed. Cyberspace achieves this by providing a space of disembodiment and dislocation, because interaction is conducted through a medium that strips away body codings (e.g. age, gender, race) and geographic place and community. In other words, in cyberspace a person's identity is defined by words and actions, not body and place. In cyberspace, some commentators contend, your body is irrelevant and invisible and nobody need know your race, disability, gender, sexuality, material wealth, or geographic location unless you choose to reveal it. This stripping away, it is hypothesized, allows individuals to experiment with aspects of their identity that they would otherwise conceal" (1)

martin dodge e rob kitchin

(1) DODGE, Martin e KITCHIN, Rob - Atlas of cyberspace [Em Linha]. Pearson Education Ltd, 2001. [Consult. 08 Mar. 2010 01.00]. Disponível em http://personalpages.manchester.ac.uk/staff/m.dodge/atlas/Atlas_with_cover_low.pdf. ISBN 0-201-74575-5. p. 154.

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pin gente disse...

mas a revelar, que seja a verdade.

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jorge vicente disse...

a verdade sempre porque simular é assassinar dos dedos e das mãos, como já disse num poema.

um grande beijinho