philip pullman again

(fotografia de arno r. minkkinen, "ivalo, finland", 1995)

"«This is what'll happen,» she said, «and it's true, perfectly true. When you go out of here, all the particles that make you up will loosen and float apart, just like your daemons did. If you've seen people dying, you know what that looks like. But your daemons en't just nothing now; they're part of everything. All the atoms that were them, they've gone into the air and the wind and the trees and the earth and all the living things. They'll never vanish. They're just part of everything. And that's exactly what'll happen to you, I swear to you, I promise on my honour. You'll drift apart, it's true, but you'll be out in the open, part of everything alive again.»" (1)

philip pullman

(1) PULLMAN, Philip - The Amber Spyglass. London: Scholastic Press, 2001. ISBN 0-439-99414-4. pg. 335.

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MEL disse...

"part of everything alive again"

É a essencia da vida, para que nunca se esgote a vontade de mover!:)

jorge vicente disse...

pois é, amiga.

somos nós e o mundo / nós e a terra, integrados, como um corpo único

um grande beijinho