Philip Pullman

(quadro de armando morales, "selva", 1986)

"The woods were full of sound: the stream between the rocks, the wind among the needles of the pine branches, the chitter of insects and the cries of small arboreal mammals, as well as the bird-song; and from time to time a stronger gust of wind would make one of the branches of a cedar or a fir move against another and groan like a cello" (1)

philip pullman

(1)PULLMAN, Philip - The Amber Spyglass. London: Scholastic Press, 2001. ISBN 0-439-99414-4. pg. 1.

2 comentários:

M. disse...

daqui,rente ao sossego maior, na plenitude e entre mar, sol e bosque envio-te um abraço Jorge.


jorge vicente disse...

envio-te outro, amiga.

nas montanhas da croacia.

um beijinho