"In Your Mind" (Rich Kids on LSD)

(fotografia de Walker Evans, "West Virginia Living Room", 1935)

"One, Two, One, Two, Three, Four!
Well, I'm so tired of your whining,
Yes, I've said this all before,
If you didn't hear the first time here's your chance you get one more.
So listen close to what I say,
It'll change the way you live.
For the second time it's simple - Think Positive!
Take a situation that someone says stinks,
And make it good, it's probably just a shitty way he thinks.
So pack a bowl sit back, relax, and listen real close.
And afterwards we'll raise some hell, get drunk, and drop a dose.
You keep on trying and one day you'll find out what it means, means.
If life's what you make it, make it good,
It's never as bad as it seems, seems.
We're all stuck here together in this twisted misery.
Is life a game a lesson or just one big mighty score,
If so, who's the boss?
Where's the teacher?
What's the score?
Why am I here, what is my job,
What purpose do I serve,
Is there an answer to these questions or a lesson to be learned?
When I die where do I go,
The final act or premiere show,
Is someone there to take my hand and lead the way?
Or am I on my own and now full grown,
Being that my mind is blown.
Supposed to use the answers that I found along the way.
You thought you knew it all but still the answers you couldn't find, find
Until you realize life's what you make it and it's all in your mind, mind
You broke the chains which held you down so long
Now your free!
Well, waited so long for this day to be free,
Breaking the chains that we're binding me.
Don't look so hard, it's easy to find,
Life's what you make it, it's all in Your Mind.
You can't fight depression, it's not a disease.
If you say your life sucks then it will suck indeed.
Be happy or sad or whatever you chose,
And I know I can win I'm not destined to lose.

Never quit or give up even if you've had enough
You're not a loser despite what you believe
Try your hardest, do your best,
Life's not hard, but it's a test to see who's blind and naive.
Never done, you'r on the run, relax and have a little fun.
Let's race and see who falls behind.
It's in my mind!" (1)


(1) retirado do CD dos Rich Kids on LSD, Riches to Rags, 1995.

Os Rich Kids on LSD são uma banda bastante interessante de hardocore punk. Oriundos da California, são já bastante antigos, tendo-se formado em 1981 em Montecito. O seu género musical foi bastante influenciado pelo "Nardcore", um subgénero do punk praticado pelos grupos do Sul da California. O nome de "Nardcore" foi dado porque muitas das bandas oriundas da área tocavam em Oxnard, cidade situada 60 milhas a oeste de Los Angeles. Para além dos RKL, podem-se mencionar também os A.F.U., Dr. Know, Habeas Corpus, Aggression, entre outras.

Voltando aos RKL, eles, depois, misturaram o som tipicamente hardcore com um pouco de rock, causando sensação nos palcos europeus e no meio sempre alternativo dos skaters. O álbum que eu ouvi, Riches to Rags, é de 1995 e saiu numa altura em que a banda já não tinha a mesma importância que tivera antes. Mas, continua a ser um álbum bastante interessante.

Aqui, no yahoo video, o vídeo de "Betrayed"

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