"you don't have to cry" (stephen stills)

(fotografia de bruce wrighton, "man in yellow shirt/tie" (1987), retirado daqui)

"In the mornin' when you rise
Do you think of me and how you left me cryin'?
Are you thinkin' of telephones
And managers and where you got to be at noon?

You are living a reality
I left years ago, it quite nearly killed me
In the long run it will make you cry
Make you crazy and old before your time
And the difference between me and you
I won't argue right or wrong but I have time to cry my baby

You don't have to cry" (1)

crosby, stills & nash

(1) retirado do cd dos crosby, stills & nash, crosby, stills & nash (1969)

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tecas disse...

Como sempre, meu amigo, post de elite. Bom gosto.
Bjito amigo.

jorge vicente disse...

obrigado, querida amiga :)

grandes beijinhos!