serviço de referência

(fotografia de mitch epstein, "tag sale III", 2000)

"A reference librarian standing behind a desk waiting for someone to say, «I can't find what i'm looking for; can you help?» might be justifiable if, as is the case with other service professionals, that librarian was the reason the person came to the building to begin with. But reference librarians have not served so central a function. They have stood ready to help just in case - just in case navigating the building isn't clear, just in case the catalog doesn't produce wanted results, just in case the collections seem not to contain the desired material or information. In short, reference service-in particular point-of-need reference service-has been an afterthought, something to be considered after the building's signage or the finding aids or the collections fail the user." (1)

anne g. lipow

(1)LIPOW, Anne G. apud MAXIMINO, Pedro Manuel Cardina - Metodologia para a avaliação de colecções: estudo aplicado a uma biblioteca portuguesa. [Em linha]. Barcelona : Universitat de Barcelona, 2006. [Consult. 20 Nov. 2010 23:24]. Disponível em: http://www.moyak.com/papers/collection-development-portugese.pdf.

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