"mild und leise wie er lachelt" (richard wagner) - final de tristão e isolda

(vídeo de bill viola, "isolde's ascension", 2005)


How gently and quiet
he smiles,
how fondly
he opens his eyes!
Do you see, friends?
Do you not see?
How he shines
ever brighter,
soaring on high,
stars sparkling around him?
Do you not see?
How his heart
proudly swells
and, brave and full,
pulses in his breast?
How softly and gently
from his lips
sweet breath
flutters -
see, friends!
Do you not feel and see it?
Do I alone
hear this melody
which, so wondrous
and tender
in its blissful lament,
gently pardoning,
sounding from him,
pierces me through,
rises above,
blessedly echoing
and ringing round me?
Resounding yet more clearly,
waifting about me,
are they waves of refreshing breezes?
Are they billows
of heavenly fragrance?
As they swell
and roar round me,
shall I breathe them,
shall I listen to them?
Shall i sip them,
plunge beneath them,
to expire
in sweet perfume?
In the surging swell,
in the ringing sound,
in the vast wave
of the world's breath -
to drown,
to sink
unconscious -
supreme bliss!" (1)

richard wagner

(1) retirado do cd tristan und isolde, de richard wagner. edição deutsche grammophon. páginas 112 e 113.

(este tem de ser! a parte final da ópera de richard wagner, tristan und isolde. a ária "mild und leise")

2 comentários:

L. Rafael Nolli disse...

Impressionante essa imagem! Sempre o melhor por aqui, Jorge!
Abraços tupiniquins!

jorge vicente disse...

Impressionante essa imagem, o texto e a música. Um todo!

Abraços sintrenses!