educação e tecnologia

(desenho de keith haring, "barking dog", 1982)

"The major drawback with technology is that none has been developed specifically for education. Generally, a technology has been created for a business or scientific purpose, then education try to figure out how students can benefit. The cart has always been ahead of the horse. After a technology is created, a company will try to market that technology to schools. Modifications to suit students' needs are often made after some period of adoption in the education market. Such modification is expensive and time-consuming thus limiting the spread of the technology" (1)

david v. loertscher

(1) LOERTSCHER, David V. - Electronic information in school libraries. in SMITH, Linda, ed. ; DALRYMPLE, Prudence W., ed. - Designing information: new roles for librarians [Em Linha]. Urbana-Champaign: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1992. [Consult. 14 Jan. 2010 01.44]. Disponível em: http://www.archive.org/details/designinginforma29clin. ISBN 0-87845-088-2. p. 103.

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