(estátua de auguste rodin, "pygmalion et galatée", s/d)

"The story was taking a long time; they wouldn't get to the world of the dead that day. As they neared the village, Will was telling Mary what he and Lyra had come to realize about the three-part nature of human beings.

«You know,» Mary said, «the church - the Catholic Church that I used to belong to - wouldn't use the word daemon, but St. Paul talks about spirit and soul and body. So the idea of three parts in human nature isn't so strange.»

«But the best part is the body,» Will said. «That's what Baruch and Baltamos told me. Angels wish they had bodies. They told me that angels can't understand why we don't enjoy the world more. It would be sort of ecstasy for them to have our flesh and our senses." (1)

philip pullman

(1) PULLMAN, Philip - The Amber Spyglass. London: Scholastic Press, 2001. ISBN 0-439-99414-4. pg. 462, 463.

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pin gente disse...

humanos tripartidos... confesso que são separo "spirit" de "soul"

um abraço

jorge vicente disse...

nem eu, amiga. nós somos o Todo: corpo, alma e espírito.

um grande beijinho (de bruxelas)