"glimpses, audio: driving late" (pete simonelli)

(quadro de cecily brown, "sweetie", 2001)

"To the immediate west, a beautiful sight,
and simple in its looming--
I have the Sutro's constellation perched above me,
its four red points blinking the the drink of fog and night
like some ethereal port of entry.
The radio says it's coming up on 4AM,

and 16th street's suddenly hotwired
with chivying cries of the highly sexed.
A barrage of them, eerily canned,
one playboy after another sounding off
burdened reports through the air:
invisible behind trees
and penumbras of streetlamps, but
voices all the same, looping down
from second and third story windows,
each one flared from the augurs
of narcotic frights to pass leeward and careless
to the women below.

You motherfuckers are goin' to jail...

And just like that-- a tacit inception or a shared
psychic reasoning-- and the night falls slapdash
into fugue,
its haunted figure askitter with needlepoints surging
willy-nilly through the body of them,
as they go veering across the darkness
like startled insects,
a scratching,
febrile emblem of indecisiveness,
pushing on buzzers,
imploring upward in hisses--
every one of them

dying a little more.
Like the kid asprawl on the stoop,
sick and keenly marginal
like a late model Tantalus in up to his neck,
denied fruit,
and so realizing that the stuff's bigger than him;
that it's the unrequited love and therefore
in everything he sees." (1)

The Enablers

(1) retirado do cd dos Enablers, End Note (2004)

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