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(imagem dos Organ Eye, retirada daqui)

Em Junho ou Julho de 2007, descobri a arte da David Maranha, através de um concerto que ele deu na Zé dos Bois. O concerto foi muito interessante e aproveitei logo para comprar um CD, tendo sido escolhida a obra Marches of the New World, já referida neste blog (aqui). Gostei bastante e aproveitei, mais tarde, para comprar via net um outro disco, intitulado Organ Eye, que é também o nome do grupo no qual Maranha estava inserido.

De acordo com a informação veiculada no myspace da banda, os Organ Eye são um projecto conjunto de dois membros do colectivo Osso Exótico (David Maranha e Patricia Machás) e dos Minit (Jasmine Guffond e Torben Tilly). A editora é a Staubgold, editora alternativa alemã especializada em free jazz, música electrónica e experimental. O disco é de 2007.

Atente-se ao que diz Pedro Gomes:

"A cumulative effort in several senses, Organ Eye assembles some of Maranha's and Machás's work in Osso Exótico exploring hypnotic, repetitive & ritualistic properties found in the use of several acoustic and electrical devices. Minit's previous output, as can be observed in their 2003 Staubgold release Now Right Here, is a mind-expanding/soul-mellowing exercise of drone music, processed and designed via digital media. The intersection and addition to this sum, is the fully-formed patchwork of eternal sound vibration they manage to generate in unison, taking from the seminal teachings of the Young/Conrad/Riley axis, and deconstructing the spiritual trip as to be able to reposess it and make it their own. Throughout the record's two tracks (both over the 20 minute mark), circular fuzzed out Hammond riffs keep realigning the same fragments as they change throughout the jams, while delicate violin sweeps draw up the soundspace. Digital treatment, processed acoustic sources & a number of precise sonic particles are constantly thrown onto the ululating harmonic lines, until they unlock the grooves, and revelation times occurs. Organ Eye is drone music in modern forms as spiritual alignment in crescendo, like constellations drawing themselves up, finding an opening for the infinite, blasting away, seeing it manifest itself and being a part of it, then walking away from it, simultaneously observing and generating its disintegration. At the end of the day it's beautiful irony that some truly cosmic experience and a secular ritual can be reinvented and still manifest itself with clarity while undergoing scalpelization. The rest is just down to taking it into the outer regions and sharing the trip once again, to reenter the holy channels of ineffable feeling, to forget and relearn, forever"
(crítica de Pedro Gomes, retirada do myspace da banda - aqui).

O myspace dos Organ Eye aqui.

O myspace dos Minit aqui.

O myspace de David Maranhe e dos Osso Exótico aqui.

Jorge Vicente

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